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Can inositol cause weight gain?

Inositol does not cause weight gain; instead, it helps in managing the symptoms of PCOS, among which weight gain is a common symptom. Myo-inositol reduces the resistance of insulin in the body and...

Why take inositol?

Inositol is a substance that resembles vitamins, specifically vitamin B8. Inositol is found to be effective in helping with PCOS, reducing aggression, anxiety, panic disorders, and insomnia. Several...

How inositol works?

Inositol functions in the body in two ways.   Helps in the correct binding of insulin to insulin receptors Appropriate signaling after binding of insulin to its receptors.  

How long for inositol to work for PCOS?

For patients suffering from PCOS, a three to six months period with regular intake of supplements is required to normalize the body and reduce the symptoms of PCOS. The period may vary for different...

Will myo-inositol delay period?

Myo-inositol helps women ovulate regularly and make a better quality of oocytes (eggs) with no particular side-effects. Therefore, it is not associated with delaying periods.